How to make your Handmade gifts stand out online

How to make your handmade gifts stand out online

Whether your selling handmade gifts, handmade jewellery, or  handmade cards online it’s important to try and make your product stand out. To acheive this there’s a few different things to consider, hopefully this blog article will aid you in getting the most out of selling your handmade gifts online. We also got in touch with a Handmade Jewellery maker (MyRosia) to get her thoughts on this.

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Recycled Skateboards – Handmade Gifts and Accessories

This month’s monthly feature comes courtesy of an online company called Thrashion, who specialise in making handmade jewellery and accessories from old skateboard decks. Continue reading

Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her 2012

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her 2012

Buying a gift for valentines day can be tricky, and getting it just right is even harder, this blog article is to try and guide you in creating the perfect day for your loved one this valentine’s. When buying any gift it’s always good to show you’ve put some thought and effort into making your gift special, here are a few tips to on how to get it right. Continue reading